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from the imaginarium of Nick Bonaccorsy 

Finding Inspiration Through Culture

Overboard is a culinary venture founded by an individual with a passion for cooking that originated at a young age. The founder draws inspiration from their surroundings and diverse cultural experiences. Their creativity in cooking is fueled by the exploration of various cultures, allowing them to infuse unique flavors into their culinary creations.


The business, aptly named Overboard, reflects the commitment to exceeding traditional culinary boundaries. Overboard strives to bring a level of creativity and flavor that goes above and beyond expectations. The emphasis is on pushing culinary limits and introducing customers to new and unexpected taste sensations. The name Overboard encapsulates the adventurous and innovative spirit that defines the brand's approach to food. We hope that your experience with us creates sweet memories and encourages you too to go a little bit overboard.

Our Donuts

At Overboard, our commitment lies in using the freshest and most natural ingredients available. Every element, from our fillings to our glazes, is crafted in-house, ensuring a homemade touch to each product. We prioritize seasonally fresh ingredients, and as we refrain from using preservatives, we advise savoring your donuts within 12 hours of purchase.

For optimal freshness beyond this timeframe, refrigeration is recommended. When ready to indulge, a quick 5-10 seconds in the microwave will revive the delightful flavors of our donuts, providing a delicious and enjoyable treat.

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